Product Manager

Reports to CEO · Durham, North Carolina
Department Reports to CEO
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

The Company

An investor-backed startup located in the Raleigh-Durham area, Infinia ML works with Fortune 500 companies, government partners, and healthcare innovators to apply machine learning techniques to their data challenges. Our work is primarily focused on automated document processing, where we automate workflows that have traditionally required human-level understanding of written content. We are building a flexible, standardized platform for the processing of that written content in documents - think medical records, invoices, insurance claims, emails, etc.

Our technical team is led by Chief Scientist Lawrence Carin, Ph.D., one of the world’s foremost experts on machine learning. As our data scientists build ML algorithms and data processing pipelines, our engineers need to package that technology into consumable software. 

The Role

You will build and oversee the roadmap for our document processing offering. Because we are a machine learning company, this is not a traditional product management job. Machine learning products are not like traditional software products. They require customization and frequent maintenance, because no two data sets look alike. Consequently, our offering has a significant services component. 

At times, it will feel like you’re building and managing a software product. But at other times, it will feel like you’re managing and shaping a services offering.  As a company that delivers an end to end machine learning solution that works, this duality is part of our DNA. 

You will be working closely with the CEO and leaders of the sales, engineering, and data science teams to define and set our future roadmap. This role will require coordination across departments to shape strategy, technology, production, messaging, and sales. This is a unique challenge, especially because you will be working on the frontier of a new kind of product management.

The Team

You’ll be constantly collaborating with a tight-knit group of sales, marketing and technology professionals:

Rob Delaney - CEO | You will work closely with Rob and the other members of the leadership team to set the roadmap for our products, finding the right balance between market-driven and technology-driven demands. You will report to Rob.

Amberly Rowles-Lawson - Director of Software Operations | Amberly leads our software engineering team and will work closely with you to develop and execute our roadmap.

XQ Hu - Director, Engineering | XQ is a technical leader with both data science and engineering expertise, and he is instrumental in designing the differentiation in our technology stack.

Ya Xue - VP, Data Science I Ya is a co-founder and the leader of our data science team. She has involvement in all things strategy and technical. 

Patrick Rabenold & Jun Liu - Principal Data Scientists | Patrick and Jun are co-founders and the data scientists most responsible for leading our R&D efforts from the data science perspective.

Mike McDonel - VP, Business Development | Mike leads our business development efforts. You will work closely with Mike to make sure our technology meets the needs of our customers and incorporates market feedback. 

James Kotecki - VP, Brand | James is the architect of our messaging, and everything he does will tie closely to what you are building on the roadmap side. 

You Must Have:

  • Ability to run a team and push a vision - this is almost a mini-CEO role.
  • Experience designing enterprise products and shaping enterprise technology offerings. This includes working with company leaders on outside-in market work.
  • Comfort working with world-class technical teams of both data science and engineers.
  • Ability to manage many stakeholders and funnel diverse (and often contradictory) opinions into a cohesive roadmap that ties to our company vision.
  • Able to impose order and clarity onto situations of ambiguity and nonlinearity. Even in moments of ambiguity, your job will be to ensure we keep making progress.
  • A plan for distilling and prioritizing client requests without losing focus on our core roadmap.
  • Outstanding communication skills, with the ability to keep people motivated, engaged, and productive.
  • Working knowledge of fundamental software concepts and modern enterprise software.
  • Comfort working in a dynamic startup environment.

Ideally, You Have:

  • Working knowledge of applied artificial intelligence/machine learning.
  • An understanding of cloud and container-based infrastructure. Comfort working with AWS/Azure, Kubernetes, and Docker.
  • Understanding of data engineering and data pipelines.
  • Strong project management and process management skills.
  • An enthusiasm for working on problems that have not been solved at scale, and an unquenchable curiosity to learn more about applying machine learning to business problems.

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    Durham, North Carolina
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    Reports to CEO
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